REFLET allows users to view students and groups advancement in a given curriculum. This kind of information is useful for :

  • Tutors in charge of the students, who can access a synthetized view of the student's advancement.
  • Students, who can view their own progress in the curricula or within their group.

REFLET provides all this information to both tutors and students. This is the meaning of REFLET (meaning 'reflect' in french) : both sides of a mirror : student side & tutor side. So, UIs are barely the same.

At first, the person in charge of a curriculum has to describe its entire structure with Modules, Activities and Tasks, and indicate a coefficient for each of these entities (e.g : Activity 1 is 30% of Module 3).

Once he's connected, the student access to this description which allows him to understand what he has to do. He then can click on each entity (Module, Activity, Task) and indicate its progress by indicating to what extern he has realised the different tasks. The general progress state of each student can be visualized in a synthetical way with a "percentage-bar" for each task and activity. The student can also see the progress of other members of the curricula (anonymoulsly).

Once he's connected, the tutor can have a synthetical view of the group's progress and then for every specific student. He can also confirm or invalidate student's advancement declarations. In order to use tutors REFLET 's data, he can generate documents in differents formats : PDF, Postscript, XML.

REFLET can be used on different types of curricula thanks to its generic model (description of a formation using a tree structure) MAT (Module Activity Tasks).

Reflet has been implemented with the support of the "contrat Etat-Région METEDI 2000-2007"

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